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ECPE European Center for Power Electronics

  • the Industry‐driven Research Network for Power Electronics
  • the European Technology and Innovation Platform for PE
  • with more than 180 member organisations in Europe

A strong voice of the Power Electronics community in Europe to the public and to politics!


Industry-driven European Center for Power Electronics


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For this background, the industrial association ECPE founded in April 2003 has set itself the target of promoting power electronics in Europe and tapping the innovative potential in the application areas that are relevant to Europe. These include backing science research and innovative strength, as well as further training both inside and outside universities in all areas of power electronics, along with exchanges of ideas between research institutes, the components industry and users. The ECPE members include Europe´s leading companies in this area.

Apart from the registered association ECPE e.V., a limited company (GmbH) has been founded, which develops research roadmaps in cooperation with the involved industry and university partners, prioritises research topics and conducts research contracts with leading European Competence Centres – university institutes and research centers. The budget arises from a research fund, coming from the ECPE partner companies.

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ECPE Objectives & Mission

• Precompetitive Joint Research in Power Electronic Systems

‐ ECPE Projects with focus on automotive & industrial power electronic systems as well as renewable energies and electronic power grids

‐ EC or national funded research projects with partners from the Network

• Expert Workshops & Advanced Training

‐ ECPE Workshops, Tutorials and practical lab courses for engineers in industry

‐ ECPE online course ´Power Electronics´

• Public Relations & Lobbying for Power Electronics

– Have “one strong voice” of power electronics industry to public & politics


ECPE Mission

As the Industry‐driven Power Electronics Research Network covering the value chain from the materials and components to the systems and applications ECPE strengthens the cooperation between Power Electronics industry and universities & research centres on a European level. As the European Technology and Innovation Platform in power electronics we are driving precompetitive joint research and we set up research & technology roadmaps for a strategic research agenda in Europe with future research directions according to the demands of European power electronics industry. With one strong voice of the power electronics community to the public and to politics we create awareness for the role and importance of power electronics regarding the megatrends in society e.g. energy efficiency, use of renewable energies, electronic power grids and e‐mobility.

Power Electronics Public Relations for the ECPE public relations and lobbying activities to increase awareness of the role and importance of power electronics for Europe have two main directions, publicly funded research programmes addressing power electronics topics and future young engineers.



Download the ECPE presentation here -> ECPE_Presentation_2019