Download here the PhD School 2021 Program and additional information: –>brochure PhD School 2021_July9

Following, some lectures and keynotes:

  • Torsten Leifert (Elektrobility Innovation CL, Volkswagen) – “Challenges for Power Devices in and around Battery Electrified Vehicles”;
  • Mario Paolone (EPFL – Switzerland) – “Modeling of power grid signals in the presence of reduced system inertia”;
  • Lothar Schindele (Advanced Vehicle Systems (CR/AVS) Robert Bosch GmbH) – “Future E-mobility and the Change of the system Requirements”;
  • Bulent Sarlioglu (University of Wisconsin-Madison – USA) – “Electrification of Aircraft – How about full electric propulsion using electric motors and drives?”;
  • Grzegorz Ombach (DRÄXLMAIER Group, Head of Battery Systems) – “Evolution of Energy Storage Systems for automotive applications”;
  • Frede Blaabjerg (Aalborg University) – “Reliability Engineering in Power Electronics Systems”;
  • J. Laeuffer (ENSTA-ParisTech, Paris-Orsay University) – “Electromagnetic Design of High Frequency converters and drives”;
  • Ahmed Elasser (General Electric Global Research Center), Silvio Colombi (ABB Switzerland) – “Energy storage systems for Power System applications”;
  • Giorgio Sulligoi (University of Trieste): – “Green ship design: marine transportation electrification and research challenges”;
  • Ion G. Boldea (University Politechnica of Timisoara) – “Reluctance (synchronous and flux-modulation) electric motor drives: an overview”, “Robotics -recent progress in high torque density and efficiency actuators”;
  • Humberto Pinheiro (UFSM, Brasil) – “Microgrid Control: Inverter paralleling”;
  • Alejandro Dominguez-Garcia (UIUC) “Microgrid Control Distributed frequency control”;
  • Huai Wang (Aalborg University) – “Artificial Intelligence in Power Electronics”;
  • ROUNDTABLE ON INNOVATION: Ahmed Elasser (GE Global Research Center), Jacques Laeuffer (ENSTA-ParisTech, Paris-Orsay University).