The venue of the 21st Edition of the School will be the Angevin Castle of Gaeta – Italy

The castle is located in the ancient part of Gaeta (see map, n. “2”):

Download here the detailed map of GAETA:



It is not very clear exactly when the castle had originally been built but according to most historians, the castle might have been constructed during the 6th century during the Gothic Wars or later in the 7th century in order to guard the town from the Lombards. The first documents which mention the castle talk about the decision of Frederick II from Hohenstaufen to strengthen the castle in the year 1233. He had stayed in Gaeta and in the castle on several occasions due to its strategic location during the period of his struggle against the papacy.

The current structure of the castle consists of two different buildings. The Angevine is in the lower part of the castle and dates back to the rule of House of Anjou in the area. The Aragonese part is on the top which was built on the orders of the Emperor Charles V along with the other fortifications. With the building of these fortifications, Gaeta became one of the best fortified castles in central Italy.

The Angevine part of the castle had a hail till the 1980s and today it belongs to the University of Cassino. This part of the castle is used for various exhibitions and for conferences. The tallest tower’s dome is home to the beautiful Royal Chapel which had been built on the orders of Ferdinand II in the year 1849.